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When buyers invest in a property, one thing they look at is the neighborhood AROUND it. But driving around the area and asking strangers about the place is a time-consuming process that buyers simply cannot afford to do every weekend. So how will you expose your listing in ways that buyers would take interest? CRES introduces aiREvue—a state-of-the-art presentation of your listing’s surrounding neighborhood in High-Definition, quality aerial footage. Using our patented camera drone design, aiREvue provides an encompassing and detailed view of your property, the neighborhood, and even the amenities located conveniently close to the home.

But we’re not talking about just spectacular views OUTSIDE, as our aiREvue package includes an indoor 360º view interior virtual tour. With aiREvue, showcase your property in new and exciting angles that would set itself apart from other similar listings in the area.

The aiREvue technology offered by CRES offers more to the property sellers who don’t deserve anything less. Find out how aiREvue will work to your home selling advantage by getting in touch with us today by clicking here.

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